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Timelapse Painting in Manga Studio-Punk Sandwich

Trying my FIRST EVER digital painting using Manga Studio (affiliate link)

Usually I use Manga Studio to ink and color with pretty flat colors but really the paint tools are what’s really amazing about the program. Gonna do some more crazy paintings in the future. Thanks for watching!

Grab the gear I’m using (these are affiliate links):
Manga Studio 5

Wacom Intuos Drawing Tablet

Start Screen Printing Now


I recently created a new blog I’m very proud of to teach readers how to print t-shirts and posters and run their own screen printing shops. It is called Start Screen Printing Now and it will have a ton of information to help beginners screen print and give tips and tricks about the screen printing world.

I strongly suggest you check it out!

Monster Bash for Fvneral Apparel Process

Hey everybody. This is my first time making a process video of my artwork and I thought I’d show you how I created my latest piece for Fvneral Apparel. Fvneral is a Hungarian brand created by the uber talented and master of metal merchandise, Grindesign. Grindesign did the colors for this as well.

I made this guy for the spring/summer line which is out now. Go to to get it.

Get 25% Off Your Order


Get 25% off your order at with the code “bad santa”.
Offer lasts until the day after the apocalypse, just in case we both survive and you want a t-shirt.

New Web Shop Open

I’ve been wanting to open a web store for a long time now and I finally found some time to do it. As of now, I’m putting up some of my stuff from Houston art shows over the past year. I think this is what I’m gonna be doing for awhile. Making posters and shirts for art shows, and whatevers left gets put up in the web store. So, that means if you come see me in Houston (or somewhere else if I ever leave the city) you’ll get a jump on buying the coolest shit ever.

Right now, you’ll notice that there are only two shirt designs but I do have a ton of different screen prints I’ll be putting up hopefully before the end of the month. Just waiting on shipping tubes to arrive. Also I’ll be building an international shipping calculator into the store very soon too. So, I cant really take international orders at the moment, but please keep a look out for when that comes. If you’re an international customer and want to be alerted to that, please send me an email and I’ll let you know.

Go Shop



Win a Dribbble Invite

Hello folks. The past few months I’ve been posting some work in progress shots over at dribbble and I just scored 2 invites. I can’t decide who I want to give them to so I’m running a little contest where 2 lucky winners will win an all inclusive stay at dribbble.

Here’s how you win:

1. Log into twitter and tweet this message without quotes:

“@caseycityhall is giving away 2 dribbble invites. Go to to find out how to win one”

2. Send me an email with a link to your online portfolio.

That’s it! But you have to do both steps. The contest ends at midnight this Friday, November 25th and I’ll pick two handsome devils to win. Good luck!

*UPDATE* Thanks for all the entries. You guys made it really hard. The winners are Brian Walline and Sam Dunn. Go check them out. Congratulations!

The Printers Ball

Woohoo! So I did some ass kissing weaseling social networking and I got myself (and my art) featured at The Printers Ball. The Printers Ball is a show in Houston, TX showcasing the art of screen printed posters, stickers, and more. The show will mostly feature Houston based artists such as rock show poster legend Jermaine Rogers, and my good friend Vincent Fink.

There will be a TON of other artists and a ton of art to look at with your crusty eyeballs and to buy with your filthy moneys. I personally will have 3 different designs up. 2 never before seen, and one maybe slightly seen before. I’ll post pictures up and posters for sale online after the show.

The show will be Saturday, June 18 · 7:00pm – 10:00pm at an as-of-yet-undisclosed location somewhere in Houston.

Keep up with the facebook page and check out the tumblr for more information and to find out where the show will be.

Hope to see you there! I will autograph your baby!

Pardon My Dust

Hey everybody. If you’ve seen my blog before, you know that I used to have a ton more posts. They were mostly to show work that was in progress, but that stuff was starting to clutter up my home page. I’m also slowly redesigning the site and fixing the portfolio section. Right now the portfolio stuff comes directly from my flickr account, which is really cool, but takes a really long time to load. Also, hopefully within the next month I will have some screen printed posters for sale and a ton of work to post to my portfolio. Stay tuned and check out my twitter account for updates on that stuff.


3 Reasons Why I Don’t Ask Facebook for Help

Isn’t the internet great for designers? It seems like every day there is a new contest site for designers to submit their artwork and win cash prizes. There’s Threadless and Design by Humans and yadda yadda ya. Also when you’re done submitting something to your favorite site, you get on the internet and promote the hell out of it to help yourself get votes.

You log onto twitterflickr, or even facebook to amass enough votes to try and win. And If you think about, facebook is probably the best place to promote your artwork to try and get votes. I know it is for me. Its the one online social spot where I have the most followers and the people know me there. They’re my family and friends and…well yeah okay so half of the people I’m friends with on facebook I’ve met once or not at all. But on facebook those strangers look at my plea for threadless votes and can look at a picture of me and say “Hey, I like this kid’s face” or “Jesus, look at this kid’s face” “I’ll give him a vote”. So in the end, you can get a few of your non-designer friends to create an account and give you a high score. That’s awesome, but here’s why I dont ask for help on facebook anymore…

1. Cheating

Unless you’re a designer, you probably don’t spend a lot of time on these t-shirt competition sites. Maybe you buy a shirt or two but you don’t hang with the community and know how the contest side works. These sites are giving out a lot of money. Don’t you think they’ve figured out how to stop cheaters? If you make a shit load of accounts and vote for one design, they know its just one person doing it. They aren’t stupid. They can see your IP address and tell its all coming from the same computer and they are just going to subtract those votes from the total . So instead of having 1 great vote for my design, I now have 12 disqualified votes that amount to jack poop. It also didn’t help that your usernames were “Caseyrules69420” “Caseyfan4eva” and “CaseyisHandsome” but thanks.

2. My mom

I love the fact that my friends and family are genuine fans of my artwork. It really and truly means the world to me. It also means a lot to me that they would take time out of their busy schedules to help me out with a vote on some website they probably haven’t even heard of. But the most embarrassing thing on the planet is to work for the respect and admiration of your fellow artists and then have your mom barge in and tell you something is cute or reminds her of your cute baby butt when you were a baby. I love my mom and dad to death. I just wish they never knew what an internet was. My mom and dad have always shared an email address which always begins with my dad’s name. Years later for some reason whenever my mom cyber stalks me, she still uses my dad’s name as a username. So I get the added bonus of “my dad’s full legal name + embarrassing comment + love, mom”. My mom still thinks that in this day and age you still need to sign off on every little communication you do online. Like I wont know who’s talking to me unless she tells me its her. Its not like her name and freaking picture are right next to whatever message she’s writing me.

3. Reverse cheating

Once again this is a case of good intentions gone bad. I never expected this to happen actually. I always assumed that these design competition sites were pretty straight forward, even for new people. Log in, give me a 5 because you love me and because its the highest number, log out. Apparently some people still think they are voting to determine what place I’m gonna get, so they think giving me a 1 will give me first place prize. No, you aren’t voting for what place I get and no this isn’t scored like golf either.

Anyways, I’m not trying to be mean (kinda) and I really appreciate all the votes I have ever received on any art contest competition votey sites. Just please take this as a pre-vote warning before you go crazy. Thanks.

…….and if you have some time, I submitted a design to Chirply for a greeting card contest.

Give me a 5 (5!5!5!) if you like it. Thanks!

Convert Text to Outlines with Acrobat

UPDATE: I’ve updated this info on my new blog Start Screen Printing Now

I’m about to share with you an ancient yakuza graphic design secret that Adobe doesnt want you to know. If it weren’t for this secret I would have thrown Adobe Acrobat in the trash long long ago. Because its worthless you see. But not anymore.

Being a production artist I get a lot of design files from clients that are supposedly vector art, ready to be printed. But when it comes time to print, I open the file and *gasp* the fonts have not been converted to outlines. If you dont know what this means, it means that if you’ve given me an Illustrator file or PDF without converted fonts AND I dont have those fonts, Illustrator is going to replace all of the text with some boring system text like Myriad and you art work wont look the same to me as it does to you. Most of the time its difficult to explain this to a customer who isnt in the business or sometimes it takes too long to try and get converted art. Whatever the case, I’m going to tell you how you can do it yourself without bugging your customer.

First things first: I open the PDF file my customer sent me in Illustrator and lo and behold, I dont have the font they used to create their artwork.

and so their artwork looks like this to me:

Thats not what the client is looking for and for some reason Bleeding Cowboys was banned from being downloaded forever (someday) so I cant download it for my computer. So what do we do?

First I open the the file in Adobe Acrobat. When the file is opened in Acrobat, the font is rendered correctly because it is embedded into the PDF. Why it cant open that way in Illustrator is a mystery (and total bullshit).

Next I go up to the menu bar and select Document > Watermark > Add. This will bring up the watermark menu which is pretty obvious.

In the Text box I’m going to type in something that will be our watermark. It doesnt matter what you type in here because we dont really want a watermark. We’re just tricking Acrobat. Also what is important is to make sure your watermark does not cover up any of our artwork. So I bump up the watermark on the box that says Position. You can move it vertically or horizontally away from your artwork. Then change the opacity to 0% and press Okay.

Next we’re going to go back up to the menu bar and select Advanced > Print Production > Flattener Preview

In this dialogue box, find a check box called Convert All Text to Outlines and then hit Apply. You MUST hit Apply for this to work. Say Okay and then save your file.

Open your newly saved PDF in Illustrator again and you should have no more font problems. Your watermark is still there though and you can simply find it and delete it.

And that’s it.

UPDATE: I’ve updated this info on my new blog Start Screen Printing Now

Please note that all the steps here were done in Adobe CS3 programs on a Mac. If it doesnt work for you, I don’t know what to tell ya. Thanks for looking.