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3 Reasons Why I Don’t Ask Facebook for Help

Isn’t the internet great for designers? It seems like every day there is a new contest site for designers to submit their artwork and win cash prizes. There’s Threadless and Design by Humans and yadda yadda ya. Also when you’re done submitting something to your favorite site, you get on the internet and promote the hell out of it to help yourself get votes.

You log onto twitterflickr, or even facebook to amass enough votes to try and win. And If you think about, facebook is probably the best place to promote your artwork to try and get votes. I know it is for me. Its the one online social spot where I have the most followers and the people know me there. They’re my family and friends and…well yeah okay so half of the people I’m friends with on facebook I’ve met once or not at all. But on facebook those strangers look at my plea for threadless votes and can look at a picture of me and say “Hey, I like this kid’s face” or “Jesus, look at this kid’s face” “I’ll give him a vote”. So in the end, you can get a few of your non-designer friends to create an account and give you a high score. That’s awesome, but here’s why I dont ask for help on facebook anymore…

1. Cheating

Unless you’re a designer, you probably don’t spend a lot of time on these t-shirt competition sites. Maybe you buy a shirt or two but you don’t hang with the community and know how the contest side works. These sites are giving out a lot of money. Don’t you think they’ve figured out how to stop cheaters? If you make a shit load of accounts and vote for one design, they know its just one person doing it. They aren’t stupid. They can see your IP address and tell its all coming from the same computer and they are just going to subtract those votes from the total . So instead of having 1 great vote for my design, I now have 12 disqualified votes that amount to jack poop. It also didn’t help that your usernames were “Caseyrules69420” “Caseyfan4eva” and “CaseyisHandsome” but thanks.

2. My mom

I love the fact that my friends and family are genuine fans of my artwork. It really and truly means the world to me. It also means a lot to me that they would take time out of their busy schedules to help me out with a vote on some website they probably haven’t even heard of. But the most embarrassing thing on the planet is to work for the respect and admiration of your fellow artists and then have your mom barge in and tell you something is cute or reminds her of your cute baby butt when you were a baby. I love my mom and dad to death. I just wish they never knew what an internet was. My mom and dad have always shared an email address which always begins with my dad’s name. Years later for some reason whenever my mom cyber stalks me, she still uses my dad’s name as a username. So I get the added bonus of “my dad’s full legal name + embarrassing comment + love, mom”. My mom still thinks that in this day and age you still need to sign off on every little communication you do online. Like I wont know who’s talking to me unless she tells me its her. Its not like her name and freaking picture are right next to whatever message she’s writing me.

3. Reverse cheating

Once again this is a case of good intentions gone bad. I never expected this to happen actually. I always assumed that these design competition sites were pretty straight forward, even for new people. Log in, give me a 5 because you love me and because its the highest number, log out. Apparently some people still think they are voting to determine what place I’m gonna get, so they think giving me a 1 will give me first place prize. No, you aren’t voting for what place I get and no this isn’t scored like golf either.

Anyways, I’m not trying to be mean (kinda) and I really appreciate all the votes I have ever received on any art contest competition votey sites. Just please take this as a pre-vote warning before you go crazy. Thanks.

…….and if you have some time, I submitted a design to Chirply for a greeting card contest.

Give me a 5 (5!5!5!) if you like it. Thanks!

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