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New Web Shop Open

I’ve been wanting to open a web store for a long time now and I finally found some time to do it. As of now, I’m putting up some of my stuff from Houston art shows over the past year. I think this is what I’m gonna be doing for awhile. Making posters and shirts for art shows, and whatevers left gets put up in the web store. So, that means if you come see me in Houston (or somewhere else if I ever leave the city) you’ll get a jump on buying the coolest shit ever.

Right now, you’ll notice that there are only two shirt designs but I do have a ton of different screen prints I’ll be putting up hopefully before the end of the month. Just waiting on shipping tubes to arrive. Also I’ll be building an international shipping calculator into the store very soon too. So, I cant really take international orders at the moment, but please keep a look out for when that comes. If you’re an international customer and want to be alerted to that, please send me an email and I’ll let you know.

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